Ok, we’ve spoken about eating more and still losing unwanted weight, then followed up by gaining muscle mass to increase natural metabolism, and now how to achieve muscle growth.

I’ll explain the basics but this is a topic that can be discussed for hours. Your body requires a specific amount of calories daily to function. Those calories are used to sustain your body as is. Now, when you begin a workout routine your body will burn more calories, as we all know, so if your caloric intake is less than what you are burning you will lose weight… SMH not always a good thing because you lose weight three ways, water, muscle, and fat (I’ll save this topic for another post). To build muscle you will require a few different things but the two most important are; you must be taking in more calories than you are burning daily including your workout (ex you burn 1,000cal at rest, burn additional 300cal with a workout=1,300cal, you’ll need to take in 1,550cal), then time under tension (lifting weights for an extended period of time) will create potential for muscle growth. So, I’ve given you the basics pretty much now what are you going to do with it? And how do you acquire your specific numbers? Like, share our page, and leave a comment and I’ll explain. And if you’re just joining us now catch up with the other post. In the meantime Get Up, Get Out, GET AGGRESSIVE!


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