I hope everyone got a chance to see yesterdays post, but if not check it out because this is a follow-up.

Ok, so I received a lot of positive feedback about how to eat more, lose weight and keep it off. BUILD MUSCLE! And no ladies, I’m not talking about bodybuilding muscle, lets just say an extra 10 lbs… I know it sounds backwards when hearing, “lose weight by gaining 10 lbs” lol, but it’s been working for centuries. Muscle directly increases or decreases your natural metabolism. A 1 lb increase in lean muscle mass will increase your metabolism by burning up to about 50 cals per day at rest doing nothing. So, if you increase 10 lbs you’re burning 500 cals per day, which is 3,500 cals per week (3,500 calls is equal to 1 lb), meaning you’ve increased your metabolism to burning 1 lb weekly at rest (doing nothing). With a proper diet in place you can make that burning lb be FAT. The question is would you do it? And or how to do it? Like, share our page, and leave a comment and I’ll continue to explain.


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