Jump Start

is a 4-week 3x a week (12 sessions to be trained consecutively) package designed to get first timers active and others back into a routine.

Basic Training

is a 3 month 3x a week (36 sessions to be trained consecutively) program accompanied with dieting assistance to achieve optimal results.


is a corrective/post Physical Therapy training package specifically design for the individual in need of strengthening after an injury and or correcting posture to avoid injury.


is a package designed for the individual preparing for US military, Police Academy, Fire Department physical fitness test.


is a package design for the individual looking to increase their endurance and cardio vascular output for competitive racing.

Warrior Buddy

is a group training package for 2-4 individuals looking to achieve the similar goals.

Wedding/Special Event Ready

a customize training and diet program designed to prepare the individual to look their best for their big day.

From the Minors to the MAJORS

is a sport specific training program to take an athlete to the next level.

Spot Light

is a fitness competitive training program designed to prepare the individual for the fitness stage.

Lions Den

is a MMA conditioning program designed to prepare the individual to perform their best in the ring.

Life Style

is a program designed for a complete life style change to assist the individual in live a healthier life style that can be easily managed to fit their personal needs.

HIITcamp Classes

Weekly Group Classes that look to challenge your limits in a fun interactive class setting. Full body workout using creative and effective training methods.

BootCamp Classes

*All Personal Training packages/programs include online membership access.

The Benefits of Personal Training

  • Motivation
  • Accountability
  • Program tailoring to your individual needs
  • Safety
  • Stress Reliever
  • Desired results from proper progress tracking

Refreshing new routines to avoid Plateau (a state of little or no change following a period of activity or progress)

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