Before meeting and training with AMCore Fitness; I was completely stuck and was beginning to feel discouraged. My body wasn’t where I wanted it to be even though I dropped weight. I didn’t have the definition, or strength I was aiming for. I was barely eating and restricting calories on top of doing long amounts of cardio. When AMCore Fitness started working with me, one of the first things they did was increase the amount of food I was going to be eating and they had me stop doing so much cardio; I was basically doing none. I was confused but trusted them and the process and I’m beyond happy I did. Today I stand here 67lbs lighter but with so much more energy and strength, I eat more, train hard and I love the way my body is coming together. I can’t thank AMCore Fitness enough and I continue to trust and train with them.
Liz, Client -
I made it my goal in 2013 that I would race in the Cedar Beach Triathlon. I had no clue on how I was going to train for it and at times wanted to just forget about it. AMCore Fitness took charge of my training routine and pushed me beyond what I thought my limits were. They taught me how to find my rhythm and gave me the courage to try. AMCore Fitness cheered me on from start to finish and I could hear, “We Don’t QUIT” as I pressed on to finish my first Triathlon. It was such an AMAZING feeling, thank you.
Sandra, Client -
While playing basketball I had torn a ligament in my ankle. I was devastated because basketball is my passion. I had to take off several months during Physical Therapy to recover. But I wasn’t the same. A co-worker told me about AMCore Fitness and how they had helped her in the passed with her knee. I started training the following week. Within three months I was jumping higher, driving stronger, and felt in better shape than I had ever been in. I fell in love with the training so much that I asked AMCore Fitness to help me become a personal trainer myself. Thank you AMCore Fitness for not only helping me discover new strength but also for a career that I’ve grown to love.
Jordan, Client -
Straight to the point. I had four kids and was heavy all my life. I’ve been training with AMCore Fitness for over three years now and I’ll never leave them. I’m 57 years old feeling better than when I was 30 and 87 lbs lighter. I’m kicking father time’s A** and loving every moment of it. Love my AMCore Fitness!
Dorina, Client -
There are no words that can define how pleased I am with AMCore Fitness. They are truly great at what they do. From day 1 till I reached my goal weight they were there encouraging me not to give up. Today I can actually wear a bikini without covering up. Thank you!
Steph, Client -

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