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Why do I keep going up and down in weight?

There many reasons that people tend to “yoyo” in weight a few of them are; loss of mainly water weight not body fat, decrease in metabolism, too rapid of weight loss.

What is the fastest way to lose weight and keep it off?

There are three areas that can cause loss of weight but if your goal is to keep it off you must increase you natural metabolism.

How much should I eat daily for effective weight loss?

There is no one fits all solution when it comes to dieting, everyone is different with different goals. The main purpose of eating healthy is to provide your body with the appropriate amount of nutrients and minerals to function properly (NOT STARVE NOR DEPRIVE IT). The amount an individual should consume is calculated to their specific needs and desired goal.

I’m doing cardio everyday but I’m not losing any weight, why?

This is usually a result of a possible plateau.

How do I build muscle?

The development of muscle can vary per individual but two major requirements are the appropriate amount of calorie intake and (muscle) time under tension.

What is the best program for someone like me?

The BEST PROGRAM for YOU is the one that gets you to your GOAL and KEEPS YOU THERE! Get Up, Get Out, GET AGGRESSIVE!!!

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